Cat Huss



acrylic on Canvas

48" x 36"

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Monument is part of the 2021 collection of work entitled “Mine”, an exploration of perspectives in context. It’s about how each person’s perspective is different due to the context/experiences of the life they’ve lived. It contemplates visually how each person’s field of vision is different in the context of life experiences and emotional needs.  As I constantly work to broaden my perspective, I know that journey is a challenge for many which will never be met. Ultimately, a person’s perspective is one of the very few things which is truly unique to each human being, making it difficult to ever truly understand others. Therefore, my goal is to explore self through painting in the hopes that my perspective will broaden, be more open, and aware of the human condition in both myself and others. My perspective is what it is…it is uniquely "Mine".

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About the Artist

Cat Huss


"I long to have conversations about the deeper questions in life and this pushes me forward into the creative mode. This is how I communicate those things which remain unsaid.

I've been working this year to understand more about the "bottom-line" of what inspires my work and where the colors, shapes, and styles come from. Most of my work is process-driven after a time of meditation on particular ideas. This year, my goal was to delve into the materials with more connectedness to the process and then just let the work develop on its own without thinking too much. My goal was, and is, to create more authentic/original work through establishing a state of flow in the studio with materials and process as my guide." -Cat Huss

Cat Huss (b. 1970) is an American contemporary visual artist who was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast. She has lived and traveled extensively in Mexico and the United States. Having lived near water most of her life, it is an integral part of her process and is often referenced in her work. Cat's love of diverse human culture and nature inform her abstract paintings, drawings, and collages.

Cat is an independent artist. Her work has been featured in galleries, virtual exhibitions, and curated independent fairs throughout the United States.

Cat earned a Bachelor of Science in Advertising/PR and a Master of Arts in Communication from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. Her abstract work is informed by travel, the study of Communication (cultural, self, and others), and a deep connectedness to nature.

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