What would Kenny say?
What would Kenny say?
What would Kenny say?
What would Kenny say?

Sam Roloff

What would Kenny say?


oil on canvas

36" x 48"

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Covid-19 had just come out when I thought, What would Kenny say? The family in the bottom right corner watching TV is equated to sheep as they get fed by the media, which is propped up by the Piggy Bank from Toy Story. On top of that, Kenny from South Park stands, with his eyes wide open ready for the bad news that he is going to die from the virus. Leaving the thought bubbles blank fits well with Kenny's character in that he never actually talks and it leaves the viewer asking, what would Kenny say?

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About the Artist

Sam Roloff


He’s been drawing since age 10, born a dwarf a few years before that. Raised by 3rd generation San Franciscans born into a family with multiple physical challenges. Sam has a unique view of the world and his paintings give him a voice like no other.


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