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uCurate is an online marketplace that brings the best artists together and connects them with collectors, designers, exhibitors and industry professionals. Each artist that we decide to work with is assigned an advisor that is there to help them with their career. Artists can ask questions about their work, their pricing, and anything else about their career- even when it has nothing to do with uCurate. For example, if you want to approach a brick-and-mortar gallery, your advisor can give you guidance on the best practices to get traditional representation. We care about your careers and want to see you succeed .

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How It Works

1. Apply

All uCurate artists are required to go through an application process that includes information about your career, review of you artwork and an application fee. Each uCurate artist is vetted so that uCurate maintains the utmost quality across our artist roster. We want each new artist to be proud to exhibit alongside other artists on the uCurate roster.

2. Fill out your Profile Page

If your submission is accepted, you will then begin the process of completing your online profile. A short bio and artist statement will give potential collectors some insight into the person behind the work. You will also select a profile photo of you to upload.

3. Sell Art Online

After completing your profile, upload images and provide info of the art you want to sell. We review each artwork to make sure it meets our criteria of high quality. Sometimes we may reject artwork from being listed on uCurate because our role is to make you look your best. Once your artwork has been approved for sale, let us do the rest. We handle communication with collectors and will provide you with a prepaid shipping label when your artwork is sold. Payouts for sales come quickly- within ten days of delivery of your artwork to the collector.

New artists please read the FAQ before applying


How is uCurate different from other art ecommerce sites?

Unlike many online art sellers, uCurate adds a personal touch to what we do. We offer a boutique experience to both ends of the transaction- available to potential collectors to communicate about questions, concerns or curiosities about art that they are considering. We also offer complimentary art advising for clients- providing custom digital mockups of art options for their home. And we understand that our artist partners are our most valuable asset and we want to help you with your career. We are available for our artists to offer guidance, support and critiques as they navigate their art careers. We want you to be as successful as possible; we are here for you.

Who can sell art on uCurate?

At uCurate we value quality over quantity. We are looking for a combination of skill and vision that stands out. Some of our artists would be considered mid-career, while others are in the emerging phase of their career. Emerging doesn't mean young- rather artists who are in the early stages of selling their art. You may be fresh out of art school or made art your entire life in addition to another career. A big part of our mission on uCurate is to make art accessible to more people, so we are not looking just for talented artists but artists who also present a great value. While affordable can mean many things to different people, for us we follow a guideline where a 36" x 36" work of art has a maximum retail price of $3,000. Larger works can sell for more than this. There may be occasional exceptions for artists that are priced above this that we still feel offer a great value. All artists on uCurate have either been invited by our curatorial team or have successfully completed our application process.

What types of art can be sold on uCurate?

uCurate focuses on original two-dimensional works of art- painting, collage, one-of-a-kind digital art and unique mixed media works are all allowed. We allow printmaking techniques such as intaglio, lithography, screen printing (serigraphy), and wood or linocut. For photography we allow high-quality prints. Editions of artwork for printmaking or photography must be signed, numbered and not exceed an edition of 30. We do not sell copies of artwork, such as giclées.

How does the application process work?

If you are interested in applying to exhibit your art on uCurate, you can do so by clicking on "Artist Submissions" in the footer of any page on or "Apply Now" on this page. Complete the full application by entering the requested information, uploading 5 examples of your artwork, and clicking Save at the bottom of the screen. When entering dimensions for your art, make sure to only use whole numbers for the dimensions (nothing after a decimal point) or your application will not save properly. Once your application has been completed and you click the "Save" button, this will enable a link to appear for PayPal. Click on the "Buy Now" button to pay the $10 application fee either via PayPal or with a credit/debit card. A complete application includes all the requested information, 5 images of your art, and paid application fee. Once completed, your application will be reviewed by our curatorial team. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response to your application. If you are not accepted you may apply again after six months.

Why do you charge a processing fee for artist submissions?

We charge a $10 fee for artist submissions because reviewing applications takes time. We also want to ensure that potential artists are serious about their application as well as to prevent people from applying again shortly after having been rejected. At uCurate we are not a catchall site for artists but maintain a high level of quality combined with affordable prices. Our exclusivity is what helps us stand apart and provide a great product for our clients.

What is your business arrangement with uCurate artists?

We are selective and carefully consider each applicant with our curatorial team before deciding to take them on. We do not charge any subscription fees or additional service charges to be an artist partner on uCurate, except for a one-time $10 application fee. Our income is based off of sales, so we are only paid when we sell art for our artists. Our commission split is 60/40 with 60% going to the artist. Artists are expected to make great work, be able to upload images and information of their artwork by using uCurate's Artist Portal, and to be able to safely pack artwork to be shipped to the collector. We email our artists prepaid packing labels when a work of art sells for them to print and affix to the packaging.

What happens when I sell a piece of art on uCurate?

Once a piece of art is sold, we will contact you to let you know. You will safely pack the artwork, and we create a prepaid shipping label, branded address label, packing slip and certificate of authenticity that are emailed to you. You print out each and place the packing slip and COA inside the package and affix the shipping and address labels to the exterior. We can arrange to set up a pickup for you or it can be dropped off a retail location for the shipper (typically FedEx or UPS).

How/when do I get paid when I sell a piece of art?

Once the artwork has been received safely by the collector, your payment will be remitted to you within 10 business days. You can chose to be paid by PayPal, Zelle bank transfer or a check in the mail.

Why do you handle all the communication with collectors?

Our staff has an extensive background in selling art- both online and in traditional gallery settings. We understand the subtlety of client-dealer interaction- when to say more and when to let the art speak for itself. We want to ensure that each client experience is consistent and handled appropriately, and we want our artists to focus on making great art.

How do I sell more art on uCurate?

Quality mages are paramount to selling art online. A great way to increase your sales is to provide additional images. A photo showing your artwork in a mocked up room is an excellent way for collectors to get a better feel of your art in their home. Detail shots or photos showing a frame or even the back of the artwork and installation hardware are great too. Artwork that is ready to hang (wire, sawtooth hanger or d-rings on back) sells better than artwork that needs to be framed or mounted by the collector. The less the collector has to do and the less left to the imagination the better. People do not want to do more work after they receive the art, other than hang it on the wall.

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