#1 (Count Down Series)
#1 (Count Down Series)
#1 (Count Down Series)
#1 (Count Down Series)

Hirotaka Suzuki

#1 (Count Down Series)


Acrylic on Canvas

16" x 16"

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Count Down Series consists of 11 paintings. I think I represented my interests of those days. I putted my anxieties, fears and angers as we'll as pleasures, hopes and lots of love. I was trying to simplify my complicated feeling and mind scape on this small world.

Every time I view my past works like this series, l fell sad, ashamed regrets and aversion. However I could find hopes, repulsions and vitality on the same time.

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About the Artist

Hirotaka Suzuki


   Perhaps I am painting the cruelty of contemporary life because it is in opposition to my naïve outlook. In contrast with the physical features of my paintings, I think I am visualizing my feeling of anxiety in contemporary life. Though I do not think I am fully aware of the relationship between this cruelty and my anxiety, I represent this unsure feeling as figuratively as possible, and I am trying to figure it out in my painting. Although there are some prominent aspects of our contemporary world, such as commercialism and materialism, I cannot say who my enemy is. Some of the threats might involve the art world, however to protest such issues overtly does not suit my personal outlook.

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