After Getting Your Heart Ripped Out

Savannah Magnolia

After Getting Your Heart Ripped Out


acrylic on canvas

56" x 42"

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About the Artist

Savannah Magnolia


With a background education in Chemistry and Neuroscience, laboratory precision and the hidden physiology of the body continue to inspire my work. My paintings merge science with art by re-presenting anatomy through stylized forms and hyper-saturated colors to subvert traditional expectations of anatomical diagrams. These larger-than-life paintings expose the inner systems and confront viewers with what it means to be a living body within the context of our current health care system. Landscapes are also used as metaphors to explore the horrors of the pharmaceutical industry, invasion of technology, disregard for the environment, and over-consumption. The superficial whimsy allows for such issues to be addressed with a subtler tone – giving a fantastical glimpse at what our world might become.

It is important to my studio practice to maintain a laboratory-like precision through a graphic, hard-edge style. The technical aspects and the process of creating these forms without the aid of tape or stencils are just as important as the content. The super-flat style allows me to distance the world of my paintings from our reality.

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