Susan Fink



acrylic and ink on canvas

12" x 12"

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About the Artist

Susan Fink


What best describes the theme for Susan's most recent work is combining geometric and organic shapes to create colorfully dynamic non-objective compositions using mark-making and paint. There is the play with ambiguity of line, shape and form, while pushing the balance of light and dark value, solidity and transparency with positive and negative space to question. At the same time, she leaves room for spontaneity and playfulness with the possibility of a successful accident. Susan's contemporary abstract art style is reminiscent of some earlier abstract expressionist artists such as Adolph Gottlieb with his symbolic, minimalist works, the large bold shapes of Robert Motherwell and Wassily Kandinsky with his lyrically colorful use of organic and geometric shapes.Susan makes art because she enjoys the process of discovery. Her work is a reaction to her environment, composing works that eliminate what is there in favor of what isn't because the "what isn't" has yet to be discovered.

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