Susan Minassian



24" x 18"

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acrylic on paper 

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About the Artist

Susan Minassian

Atlanta, Georgia

“I am interested in how line, shape and color come together to create meaning. If you’ve ever stood before an abstract painting and felt a deep understanding of it, you know what I mean. Something that is abstract is, by definition, open to interpretation, and yet, if a painting is successful, we feel certain that we get it, -even though the language is not our own, the painting has spoken to us. This is what I strive for in my work. I believe it is what all artists strive for.” 

Susan Minassian lives and paints in Atlanta, Georgia. Stylistically, her work is influenced by the first generation of abstract expressionists of the 40’s and 50’s, with their emphasis on spontaneous, subconscious creative processes. “Their work was truly ground-breaking,” says Minassian, “they opened the door to all sorts of new modes of artistic communication.”

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