Catch My Drift?
Catch My Drift?
Catch My Drift?
Catch My Drift?

Hal Mayforth

Catch My Drift?


acrylic and pencil on canvas

36" x 27"

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A colorful combination of spontaneous brushstrokes of reds and saturated areas of straight edged color. A loosely applied underlay with assorted textures is evident in the finished surface, making for an energized surface.

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About the Artist

Hal Mayforth


I am an abstract painter living the greater Boston area. My paintings are about the spontaneity of automatic drawing combined with the more cerebral act of editing. I try to let the materials have their own voice and react to what is presented to me, after an initial burst of unfiltered mark making. In this way I have a spirited conversation with each work until clarity and balance are achieved. In some ways, my work reflects the complexities and rhythms of nature and everyday life and how chaos can unexpectedly veer toward beauty.

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