Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest

Susan Wolfe Huppman

Crow's Nest


oil on canvas

84" x 60"

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About the Artist

Susan Wolfe Huppman


The world has seismically shifted into a new paradigm. We are all finding out what is really important. Some things stand out starkly. Science, truth and humanity are important. And Art is more important than ever. Art is an expression of that humanity and helps us explore the human condition in ways that are immeasurable. Art lets us breathe the shared air of humanity as we confront the eternal questions of existence anew. It is intimacy over distance.

I make art with my hands, my intentions, my intuitions, and my emotions using my human experiences. Making art is an ancient impulse to shape, examine and proclaim our perceptions. What I create is intended to elicit a desirable emotional state in a future viewer. I want to connect. Someone sees that painting and they feel a resonance, a kinship, a recognition that we share something in common; an ability to feel. Though remote, this is an intimate communication. A message sent is received, psyche to psyche. It is comforting to acknowledge a shared appreciation, and to have a personal connection despite our current circumstances.

Life has been distilled to its essence. We have time to consider what brings joy and meaning.

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