House of Cards

Juan Jose Hoyos Quiles

House of Cards


acrylic, gesso, matte medium and satin varnish on 1.5" deep gallery wrap canvas

40" x 30"

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About the Artist

Juan Jose Hoyos Quiles

Clearwater, Florida

Juan Jose Hoyos Quiles is an abstract, geometric, hard-edge painter. His paintings are fueled by his love of abstraction. Juan experiments with color juxtaposition, space, and rhythm often influenced by background music ranging from the early and contemporary jazz, disco, and even House dance music. Although a mature artist, his spirit is young. He relates to painting as if it were a dance, trying to understand new steps between color and geometry. 

He works intuitively and his paintings are abstract compositions using the vocabulary of Suprematism, Constructivism, Cubism, De Stijl, Minimalism, Hard Edge painting, and Geometric Abstraction. The paintings are about structure, geometry, surface, precision, paint as paint, ambiguity, improvisation, graphics, design, and the grid.

All of this information is re-arranged and re-appropriated into new interpretations, conceptual hybrids, and juxtapositions. His painting technique involves a mixture of acrylic paint, matte medium, and gesso on canvas, paper, or wood, giving the work a matte flat finish similar to gouache paint, creating the great depth of color that he prefers. 

The paintings are distilled, austere, elegant, and jewel-like. His intentions are to force a new dialogue inherent to abstraction that started in the early 1900s and continues to be relevant to this day. He hopes that when a viewer sees his work, they get a feeling of simplicity, harmony, order, and rhythm. Juan believes that being an artist is the same as breathing. You have to do it or you will not exist. He paints because he has to!

Juan's work has been collected from coast to coast in the U.S. and in many European countries including, Ireland, The UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland among others.

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