Debbie Likley Pacheco



oil on canvas

36" x 36"

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The reflection of buildings blended into the facade of a neighboring structure creates a fresh distortion of conventional architecture. In this painting, the additional distortion of the bouncing light adds another layer of depth, prompting the viewer to slow down in order to see through those layers.

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About the Artist

Debbie Likley Pacheco


My work often explores the lives of modern young women in urban environments. The cities where I travel are the backdrops for my compositions. I take photographs of anonymous figures going about their everyday lives. I then translate those photographs into paintings where the figure and the background is layered with paint or paper and blurred to emphasize the fleeting moment. Although the anonymity of the people hints at a pervading loneliness and isolation despite the busyness of the surrounding environment, my desire is to encourage us to slow down and take a greater look into the lives and stories of those we pass daily.


Including LeBonheur Children’s Research Hospital, FedExFamilyHouse, LP Brown Co. and DittyTV in Memphis, TN as well as Leiberman Productions in San Francisco, CA.

Personal collections across the USA and Internationally in Italy, UK, Germany and Sweden.

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