Let the Wind Come Through
Let the Wind Come Through
Let the Wind Come Through
Let the Wind Come Through

Marlene Llanes

Let the Wind Come Through


oil on canvas

30" x 24"

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The optical illusion of these windows was created by intentionally breaking some perspective rules in order to achieve 2 points of view at the same. 

I believe that past, present and future are all interconnected almost as if they were happening at the same time, in one single instant. I am very intrigued by the meaning of our own existence. This was the inspiration for this painting. 

Depth is 1.65". The sides were painted so it does not need a frame. It's ready to hang! 

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About the Artist

Marlene Llanes

Austin, TX

I am fascinated by nature and the calmness it brings. I am intrigued by both, nature and the meaning of our own existence. I usually combine nature with everyday objects in an unusual but meaningful way. I want the viewer to connect to nature as a way to connect with themselves, with their inner-self. I believe that past-present-future are all interconnected and I want to capture this connection as a single moment. 

I rely heavily on light and shadows to create a sense of depth that draws the viewer into a peaceful dreamlike scene. My paintings can be very colorful but through the use of contrast I bring simplicity and order. 

I mainly work with oil on canvas because it is a very flexible medium that allows to create depth of color as well as soft gradients. I work using several layers and glazing. 

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