Hate to Fade Alone

Justus Cotterill

Hate to Fade Alone


graphite and oil on panel

10" x 10"

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About the Artist

Justus Cotterill


When I was 10 I floated on my back in a Howard Johnson's pool staring at the globe lights that hung from the wooden arched ceiling. Emotional Rescue by the Stones was playing on the jukebox. I decided to make work about that experience...and have been trying to capture that feeling ever since.

This element of time, where the development of the piece is being recorded and edited as the work is being made, is where I find the beauty. The residue from a line or color that has been worked over is the chronicle of the painting and seeing what came before and what has ended up being able to stay is important to me. The viewer is now privy to the decisions, for better or worse, but it creates truth.  

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