Salted Air and the Calming Waves
Salted Air and the Calming Waves
Salted Air and the Calming Waves

Shina Choi

Salted Air and the Calming Waves


acrylic on canvas

18" x 24"

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About the Artist

Shina Choi


"I believe that painting has a positive energy and calming influence on the mind and body. Through my paintings inspired by nature, I want to convey the same energy as meditation of the mind." - Shina Choi

Shina Choi is originally from South Korea, currently living in the bay area of California.

She graduated from Art High School in Seoul, obtaining a B.F.A. from The College of Fine Arts at Hong-ik University,

Her primary painting style is abstraction and her greatest inspiration comes from nature. In essence, her relentless pursuit is to depict the spatial feeling of large landscapes in an abstract way, and reinterpret natural elements such as: light, the sky, mountains, trees, flowers, fields, rivers, oceans and clouds in simple colors and shapes. She also paints realistic and impressionist-style landscapes and seascapes.

Additionally she is inspired by the spontaneous, fleeting views outside of a car window or the beautiful outdoor scenery in her travels.

The impressions she captured at these times are brief moments, but they make an indelible impact and remain in her heart for a long time. Thus, she tries to capture and preserve the emotion of those brief but inspirational moments in her paintings.

She believes that color has a magical effect and artistic elements are a great influence on the human emotion and soul. 

In this pursuit, she wants to convey good, positive mood and energy through her paintings.

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