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Daniel Marin

Sip & Savor


multimedia on wood: acrylic, spray paint, paper

36" x 24"

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About the Artist

Daniel Marin

Miami, FL

My art is a depiction of how I see the world - the chaos, the passion, the humor and more, all contrasting and harmonizing within a single space - a canvas. I started out doodling, eventually trying to emulate my idols who dominated comic book art in the 80s and 90s - I eventually taught myself graphic design, and drove myself to embrace as many styles of art as possible in order to push my own artistic essence in the direction of fusing both contemporary and classic techniques into my work. The pieces I create are essentially stops along a journey - each one represents a lesson learned, and those learnings carry over into the next piece. And like all journeys, the trip itself is the purpose, not the destination - so a style is only momentary. -Daniel Marin

Daniel Marin’s paintings bring together elements of pop, abstraction, street art, carpentry and décollage, depicting colorful and surreal moments in time. Marin sources imagery from magazines, comic books, newspapers and many other forms of media, blending features from each to craft the images in his work. Each piece is created using a layering approach made up of steps of silk-screening, freehand painting, hand cut stenciling and collage work, producing impactful compositions built on the artist’s patience and pleasure. A self-taught artist from Miami, FL, Marin’s work portrays engaging scenes with underlying stories and hints of both humor and tension, all left for the viewer to piece together.

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