Amy Bernays



acrylic and chalk on canvas

12" x 16"

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I started by asking my children to draw on canvases with some carefully curated pens. They did not draw what I thought they would. I ruminated pictures in my studio, I found a way to harmonize with them. In this one I thought of pride, of identity. This is Vivienne’s drawing, a rearing unicorn with a monkey, or brother, looking up at her. She is on a podium, she is victorious. I love the freedom of imagination in the way they draw, each picture is a new world, created quickly and without hesitation. And then there is my painting, the two locked in an embrace. The baton raised, but in jest or play, just the tip of her knowing eye and the shadowy cross of his glaring out at us. What is success with out adoration, what is victory with without a witness to share it with, or win it from.

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About the Artist

Amy Bernays

Hollywood, California

Amy Bernays lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Born in London, she graduated with a BA (honors) in Fine Art from Central St Martins College in 2001. Her paintings are landscapes of personal interaction; poems to the love of line. Working with non-linguistic communication such as gesture, body language, lingering looks and gossip. Her work is anthropological and personal, pondering on parenting. 

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